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fast and practical cleaning

With natural, antibacterial, classic and sensitive skin types...

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Revolution in cleaning!

Safe and healthy cleaning...

Advantages of Fomy

Why Fomy?

For fast and practical cleaning

Thanks to its special formula, it provides an ideal cleaning with its high quality foam. Safe and healthy cleaning is ideal for intensive use.

It will be your choice when you encounter the lasting scents of the magical, soft, creamy foam offered by Fomy's magic pump, which you will feel in the top note, middle note and base note.

Fomy foam soap is completely different from liquid soaps. Special foam formula provides perfect hygiene.

With each use, only 0.7 g of Fomy liquid combines with 20 times the air, thanks to its special pump design, and turns into a silky foam. With this feature, it is much more economical and healthier than liquid soaps. Since it has a pH value of 5.5 and does not contain alkali, it never irritates your skin.

Since 2000, Fomy Cleaning Foam has been presenting its products to its users with classic, sensitive skin, natural, antibacterial varieties under the fomy slogan for fast and practical cleaning.

Foam feast with Fomy

Discover Fomy products with their silky foam and fresh scents.

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