Shampoo Foam SHAMPOO 900 ml

It provides a safe and healthy cleaning with its controlled usage feature. Ideal for intensive use. It provides
permanence in the top note with tropical fruits, green scent, water, white floral, balsamic, scent in the middle
note, caramel, oily white musk scent in the base note. With these features, Fomy hair and body shampoo is now
indispensable for you.
It is compatible with the skin as it has a pH of 5.5. It leaves your hair shiny and silky feeling. The cartridge system
does not breed bacteria. It provides a healthy cleaning and hygiene. It allows your hair to be easily combed. It
can be used easily and practically. It is five times more economical than liquid soaps when used in accordance
with the instructions for use "with its special dispenser".
Our products are produced in accordance with the cosmetic and biocidal regulations. Dermatological,
microbiological, protective effectiveness (challenge) tests and product safety evaluations are carried out by
accredited laboratories. All product notifications are registered in Titck's UTS system 

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