Paky Concentrated Surface Cleaner 1800 ml

Thanks to its special formula, it provides cleaning and hygiene on surfaces. It does not harm the skin as it is used by diluting. Cleans dirt and stains. It provides permanence with the top note with Aldehidic, Citrus, Fresh, Herbal, Green, Lavender, the middle note with Pineapple, White flowers, Cyclamen Flower, Tonka bean scent, and the base note with Soapy, Vanilla, Amber, Pine, Patchouli scent. With these features, Paky Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner is now indispensable for you.
Gives freshness with its "unique scents". You can use Paky Concentrated Surface Cleaner for Parquet, Ceramic, Marble, Carpet, Fabric, Wood, Plastic, Glass, Leather, Aluminum, Kitchen, Bathroom, Rest Room, Vehicle inside and outside. 
 HOW TO USE: Half lid for light cleaning and glass - 1 lid with the lid of the economical size bottle for dirty surfaces - To wipe the floors with a mop half a lid of concentrate should be added to the water in a 5 liter bucket. 

  • Stock Code: N076