FOMY Alcohol-Free Hand Disinfectant Foam 500 ml

Fomy Alcohol-Free Hand Disinfectant Foam is a Biocidal product related to human hygiene. Be sure to carefully read the product label and instructions and use them. Thanks to its special formula created in Sebat Chemistry laboratories It destroys 99.9 % of bacteria and fungi. Thanks to provitamin B5 and aloevera, it does not dry your skin. It provides permanence in the top note with tropical fruits, green scent, the middle note with jasmine, floral, peach scent, and the bottom note with sweet scent . With these features, Fomy alcohol-free foam hand disinfectant is indispensable for you.
With its alcohol-free formula, it provides effective protection without any decrease in its effectiveness thanks to the active ingredients in it. It has a biocidal product license from Republic of Turkey the Ministry of Health. It provides fast effect and maximum protection. It cannot be rinsed. 

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